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The Stained Glass Window


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The Stained Glass Window Linda Vizenor Designer/Artisan/Craftsman+Custom Designed Glass+Lead, Copper Foil & Sandblasting+Repair, Restoration & Classes+Custom China Jewelry


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Forest Rebirth
Pink Daisy China/Black 14K Gold  24" $60
Bits of Alaska
Red Rose China/Black 14K Gold 28" $50
Gallery Image 20171117_170821.jpg
China Bouquet/Black Leather 18" $50
Howling Wolf - FRCA Logo 2017
Tan Sea Glass/ 14K  Brown 20" $28
Black Sea Glass/14K Black 20" $28
Norman's Salmon #1
Lavendar Sea Glass/ 14K Brown 20" $28
Pink Ribbon of Hope
Poon's Puffins
Southern Peninsula Hospital Memory Room
Checking Out Funny River
Kara's World Globe
Emily's Whale
Crystal Salmon
Jesus and the Little Children
Traditional - Dove
Noah's Ark
Traditional - Cross
Rising Moon
A Salmon's World
Tanglewood Motif
Roses for 50  Years
Nature's Colors
Kenai Watershed Forum
Spring Fling
Crystal Dragon Fly
Dawn's Reflection
Norman's Salmon #2